July 2023

Denver Iconics professional pickleball in full swing

You may have heard the pat-pat-patting of a pickleball court in your neighborhood or local park. You may even play regularly yourself, or complain about the noise. However you feel, pickleball is being taken to the next level across the Front Range. 

Enter the Denver Iconics. They are the metro area’s new professional pickleball team, one of just six teams in the National Pickleball League (NPL)....

April 2023

Senior Pickleball Report Podcast: New Denver Team Franchise Ready To Take Action!

Mar 2023

Steamboat Today: Steamboat Springs residents buy Denver team in National Pickleball League debuting this year

As the world of professional pickleball grows, Steamboat Springs will have a prominent place in the history books as two couples from the ski town purchased one of the original teams in the National Pickleball League, which is debuting this year...

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